Retractable garage

The car appears under the front garden at the push of a button – the retractable garage not only exists in movies, but is now a thoroughly space-saving, convenient and elegant solution for many. But how does it work and why is it practical? DE-PARK tells you more about the underground garage below.

How does the perfect hiding place for the car?

Basically, the mode of operation is relatively simple. The vehicle is driven onto a hydraulic lift table and lowered into the ground. After the car is lowered, a roof structure on the shallow level serves to cover the vehicle. The surface above ground can then be used for other purposes.

The various design options of the retractable garage expand its functionality. For example, from the underground garage through a shaft can be laid direct access to the house. This means that the occupants can enter the house, for example, through the basement.

For selection there is also the option to park several vehicles underground. Furthermore, the underground garage in larger residential units can serve as an entrance to the underground garage. Of this type of garages there are different variants from luxury models to the parking lift system. Which model you choose depends not only on your wishes, but also on safety regulations, structural requirements and, most importantly, on your budget.

Retractable garage for multiple vehicles
Example retractable garage for several vehicles: Analog parking system on two levels with interactive control, DE-59 series [with pit].

Why an underground garage?

There are many reasons to choose a retractable garage. Among the most important advantages include, first of all:

  • Safety
  • Space saving
  • Aesthetics
  • no structural requirements for an above-ground garage
  • Increase in value

Especially in big cities, there is an increasing lack of space. Every square meter is valuable and almost too good for a parked car. However, an underground garage can also serve to protect expensive new cars from thieves or the weather. In addition, an above-ground garage is sometimes not an option for aesthetic or structural reasons, which is why retractable garages are often the only solution. Last but not least, it also often happens that there is simply not enough space for two cars. These are all reasons why retractable garages from DE-PARK are becoming more and more popular.

Example retractable garage: Analog parking system on two levels with interactive control, DE-58 series [with pit].

Areas of application of retractable garages

This type of garages is an elegant solution both in the private sector and in parking and car dealerships. In the private sector, they are often used where there is a need to protect and maintain expensive cars. This garage protects the precious piece and significantly reduces the risk of theft.

Parking garages and car dealerships aim to save as much space as possible. That’s where retractable garages come in handy. With the underground garage, it is even possible to put several cars in a minimal space. If the size of the plot is very limited, this type of garage is the ideal solution.

In the private sector, such a garage is often used also for aesthetic reasons, when a car or an outer garage visually do not fit into the overall picture of the property or hide important parts. When it comes to the roof of the sunken garage, it can be designed as desired in the sunken state. You can choose between grid stones, natural stone slabs, a lawn or a simple checker plate.

Requirements for a retractable garage

An underground garage is associated with longer construction times and a relatively higher budget. It is not possible to give a blanket answer as to how long the construction will take and how high the costs will ultimately be. Many factors such as the model, the equipment, the size and the structural requirements play an important role. The structural requirements include the appropriate size of the pit, the drainage device, a water gutter, a power connection, etc.

Normally the construction takes longer and roughly calculated the costs are higher than for a normal prefabricated garage, but in return the retractable garage from DE-PARK offers some convincing advantages that speak for a purchase.

Car elevator

Are you dissatisfied with your current parking situation and looking for suitable solutions? Then DE-PARK is the right address for you, because we face all challenges and offer customized implementations for every need.

What is a car elevator and what are its applications?

A car elevator allows parking on a parking deck or in an underground garage, connecting street and parking level – without any ramps. DE-PARK provides you with individual and space-saving solutions that can be optimally combined with our other systems and concepts. Our car elevators can be used almost everywhere, are comfortable, space-saving and of high quality.

The term car elevator refers to car lift or parking lift , which are excellent for the realization of parking spaces for cars in urban areas. More precisely, it is a lifting platform for vehicles (and on request, people) with a maximum height of 3 meters.

Example video: Parking lift/car lift/car elevator with garage, DE-800 series, model DE-813. Access to the parking system is via a retractable roof.

Car lifts are used almost everywhere, such as in:

  • Private houses,
  • apartment houses,
  • villas,
  • residential complexes,
  • hospitals,
  • retirement homes,
  • hotels,
  • boarding houses,
  • car dealerships,
  • classic car storage facilities,
  • workshops,
  • automobile businesses,
  • as well as other facilities for commercial use.

Our team accompanies you on your way from the first conversation to planning and installation. In doing so, we address your needs and the respective structural conditions.

Different variants of car elevators

Firstly, indoor facilities, outdoor facilities and canopy facilities are distinguished:

  • An indoor facility is defined as elevators within a building.
  • Outside facilities are located at a building, while the shaft is secured by a hydraulically driven lift gate.
  • In the canopy system there is a second level or the canopy, which can be used as a system closure/shaft or also as a carport replacement when extended. Such plants are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

In addition, DE-PARK also provides you with variants with or without a roof. Parking systems for cars with a roof are covered with different materials according to your wishes and can thus also be adapted to the surroundings in terms of color.

Example: Automated multi-level parking system, DE-700 series, model 717 with 17 parking spaces.

What are the advantages?

Car elevators from DE-PARK convince with numerous advantages:

  • For us, functionality and elegance go hand in hand.
  • Our car elevator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • We attach great importance to different designs that can be customized to your needs.
  • Our car lifts are durable and stable, so that your vehicle can safely reach the desired floor.
  • A higher comfort due to the automatic ride in case of system with two stops.
  • The transport is quiet.
  • Ramps can be dispensed with, thus saving installation space.
  • Our car elevators are customized according to local conditions.
  • For the exterior, there is a choice between a partially galvanized and a fully galvanized version.
  • The versions with passenger ride are absolutely safe due to the equipment with a radio remote control.
  • DE-PARK works entirely according to your wishes.

Our team consists of specialists who can offer you innovative designs, functionality and color schemes, as well as fulfill other special requests. In addition, at DE-PARK you enjoy maximum comfort and absolute safety. We focus entirely on your needs in order to offer you the right solution for your parking situation.

Duplex garage

A duplex garage is a so-called doubled (duplicated) parking space for cars, which is provided with the help of moving platforms. According to its name, two cars can be parked on top of each other. At first, drivers who are not familiar with this garage model are often reluctant to drive on the platform. However, there is no real reason for this, as such garages are technically sophisticated and generally considered to be very safe.

This type of garage therefore not only offers flawless technology, but also ensures maximum safety. Practically speaking, vehicle damage due to a technical defect is unknown. Thanks to such car parking spaces, both private customers and companies can save not only space but also parking costs.

Series DE-59 [with pit] - Duplex Garage
Example Duplex Garage: Analogue parking system on three levels with interactive control, DE-59 series [with pit].

How does the Duplex Garage work?

The simplest variant of the duplex garage is often found under office and residential buildings in underground garages. This double parking space for cars offers two levels that can be raised and lowered by means of a key switch. This circuit is located close to the parking space.

An example: The driver drives up and sees that the upper parking level is already occupied by another vehicle and the lower level is free. So he can simply drive the parking space upwards until the lower parking level ends with the driving surface of the underground car park. At this point, the lifting motor is stopped automatically. The driver can then drive to the lower parking level of the garage.

If in the meantime the owner of the car on the upper level has to park out, he can drive down the garage again and drive out. Now the upper level can be used by the next driver. Such garage spaces are rented out to owners or permanent tenants, who also receive a corresponding key for them. The vehicles are usually parked at an angle. For this purpose, the parking space is usually equipped with additional brake triangles that have to be crossed when driving in and out.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to always engage a gear and pull the handbrake. In the meantime, there are different variants of duplex garages, e.g. for three vehicles, for the combination of short-term and long-term parking, for large-volume cars or as a parking space for the disabled.

Advantages and disadvantages of a duplex garage

The biggest advantage is probably that the available space can be used much more efficiently with this combined car parking space. Even those drivers who initially had reservations about such parking spaces will quickly appreciate the clever solution. In the most favourable cases, the space available in a normal underground car park can accommodate about twice as many cars. This makes it quite possible to create one or even two spaces for each tenant in high-quality residential units and office buildings. Otherwise, tenants would be on their own in the scarce parking supply in city centres.

The only disadvantage with regard to this type of garage is the initial concern described above, as many users are sceptical at first glance and find the running-in process complicated. However, this succeeds quite easily and is practised in a very short time. Of course, drivers must act prudently and, for example, apply the handbrake if the parking spaces lead to angled parking. Depending on how the garage is moved, the slant can first lift the rear and the front of the vehicle. So the vehicle must not be able to roll backwards or forwards.

What does a duplex garage cost?

This type of garage is a very sensible solution wherever there is a shortage of parking spaces. The question of price cannot be answered in a general way, as several factors can have an influence on the price. First of all, it must be determined which model of double garage is actually needed. In addition, size, capacity and equipment also determine the price. In addition, fixed operating costs must be expected for such garages, including costs for electricity consumption, costs for any repairs that may be required and regular maintenance costs.

We at DE-PARK will be happy to advise you on the subject of parking systems. Simply send us an e-mail and we will be happy to call you back.

Duplex parking

A duplex parking space is probably one of the most innovative garage variants. Nevertheless, many vehicle owners are not familiar with how it works or with the term itself. Some also have reservations, although these are not exactly justified. After all, the advantages of this garage variant are clearly superior to the apparent disadvantages.

This parking space is a double-level garage in which two vehicles can be parked on top of each other. This innovative system duplicates the existing garage parking space. Such a parking space can increase the available parking space even in the smallest of spaces. In the meantime, there are also different models in this segment that can be adapted to the individual wishes of the customer with selected accessories, such as the modification for e-parking or the bike safe.

DE-40 without pit - Duplex parking space
Example duplex parking space: Analogue parking system on two levels with interactive control, DE-40 series [without pit].

Functionality of a duplex parking space

Those standing in front of such a pitch for the first time look in sceptically at first. Fortunately, this reaction is unfounded, as this parking space technology is extremely safe and sophisticated. Vehicle damage due to a technical defect is practically unknown.

Typically, duplex parking spaces are built in underground garages, especially under residential and office complexes. The parking space system usually offers two levels, with one or two parking spaces per level. Next to the parking space is a key switch that can be operated by the driver. This raises or lowers the parking space level, depending on which level the driver wants to enter or exit from.

So if a driver drives his car up to the parking space and finds that one level is free and the other is occupied, he can simply lower or raise the free level by operating the lifting motor and finally park. Of course, the same happens when parking out. The parking spaces are equipped with brake triangles due to the mostly sloping parking surface and the lifting and lowering. These must be crossed when driving in and out. In addition, it is advisable to engage a gear and apply the handbrake.

Meanwhile, there is a duplex parking space for:

  • Independent parking (pit required): each platform can be driven on independently and conveniently
  • Dependent parking (no pit required): Before a platform is lowered, the lower parking space must always be empty (stacking parker)
  • With single stage: One parking space per floor
  • With double stage: two pitches next to each other per floor
  • With two or three levels: for parking up to three vehicles on top of each other

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the duplex parking space?

Space efficiency is probably the most important advantage with this type of parking facility. This means that the supply of parking spaces can be used more efficiently, which has proven to be particularly desirable in large cities. Here, the parking situation is tense anyway and there are enough annoyed drivers who are often late for work because of the stressful search for a parking space.

In the best case, this parking space can accommodate twice as many vehicles as before, which would be an advantage for all parties involved in highly frequented commercial areas or densely populated residential areas. In addition, vehicles in secured parking spaces are much better protected against vandalism and theft, as the level can only be lowered or raised with a key. This means that the vehicle may not be accessible or even visible. In addition, a duplex parking space is ideal for winter storage of seasonal vehicles, such as motorbikes or classic cars.

A disadvantage could be the initial concern about the complicated entry, but this concern is usually eliminated after the third entry. While such parking spaces are safe, the driver himself must remember to always engage a gear and apply the handbrake. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling when moving the garage levels and possibly causing damage.

Do you have questions or would you like free advice? We at DE-Park are there for you when it comes to parking systems. Simply send us an e-mail and we will be happy to call you back.

Car turntable

Functionality, advantages and areas of application

There is no turning space in front of most garages, as the driveways are kept narrow for reasons of space. Often the car has to be parked out or in backwards. Here, a car turntable offers absolute comfort, because the vehicles simply turn around their own axis thanks to this space-saving parking and unparking aid. Ultimately, the driver can comfortably drive out of the garage forwards.

Example image: Car turntable

Features of a car turntable

Many parking spaces and house exits often cause worry lines: A gate that couldn’t be narrower or a hedge that restricts visibility are just some of the most common causes of stress behind the wheel – even in front of your own house. This is where a car turntable can save a lot of stress and time in everyday life. No longer does a driver have to reverse out of the garage into traffic on a busy road. In the future, even those who are tired of manoeuvring back and forth in the underground garage will be able to turn their own vehicle 180 degrees at the touch of a button.

The special feature of this parking aid is that it can also be retrofitted in existing car parks, garages and in front of one’s own house. The load as well as the diameter of the car turntable can be extended on request.

Functionality of a car turntable

This innovative parking aid makes it possible to turn the vehicle around its own axis without a turning circle or turning ramp. But how does the system work? The plate consists of several segments, is centrally mounted and rests on maintenance-free rollers with ball bearings according to the static requirements. A 360-degree rotation should not take longer than one minute.

The driver drives comfortably onto the panel and only has to press a button before exiting to bring the car into a more favourable position or so that the bonnet faces forwards and the exit is more comfortable. This eliminates the inconvenience of backing out or turning the car around in very narrow garage entrances.

What are the advantages of a turntable?

The main advantage is obvious, as the driver no longer has to think about how to exit onto the road. This is particularly stressful when there are no turning facilities on site. In the standard version, vehicles with a length of up to 5 m can be turned, and the total weight can reach up to 4000 kg. This means that even SUVs can be brought into the perfect extension or retraction position from a standing position.

Depending on the installation situation, the panel can be set up as an underfloor or above-floor variant. Other dimensions and specifications can be realised as special production. For users, this means an additional level of safety, as shunting back and forth is completely eliminated. In conjunction with this, time is also saved that would otherwise have to be invested in stressful and dangerous turning attempts. Those who have previously had to reverse into moving traffic on a daily basis will particularly appreciate this parking aid. It means never again having to wait desperately for the right moment to pull out.

Areas of application of a car turntable

  • For limited and narrow access
  • In residential and commercial buildings, office buildings or garages for single or multi-family houses
  • Can be used in the front garden or courtyard as an open-air parking system without garage
  • As a space-saving parking and unparking aid in multi-storey or underground car parks, e.g. car rental, car dealerships and hotels.

Do you need more information about parking systems? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.


Functionality and advantages at a glance

Especially in large cities and inner cities, it is common to have a lack of necessary parking spaces – and at this point at the latest, the stress sets in. It is not uncommon to be late for work because of the stressful search for a parking space, which, if repeated, causes additional stress with superiors once again. Fortunately, there are now appropriate solutions to such problems on the market. More and more residential and office buildings are therefore relying on innovative parking systems, such as the Combilift. In this way, parking efficiency is significantly improved.

Moving and stacking creates more space in height on the upper parking level. This creates more space for cars with roof racks, SUVs as well as vans. With a low installation height, the semi-automatic car parking system even allows parking on two levels above each other. At the same time, the vehicles are safely stored behind the gates.

DE-37 series [with pit] - Combilift
Example Combilift: Digital parking system on two levels with semi-automatic control, DE-37 series [with pit].

How a Combilift works

Depending on the design, semi-automatic and mechanical parking systems enable the doubling or tripling of parking spaces for vehicles. For example, the Autolift stacks the vehicles on top of each other and parking can be both dependent and independent. With the Combilift, independent parking is guaranteed even without a pit, as the cars are moved to empty spaces here. Due to an empty space on the entry level and the technology of the shifting puzzle, all parking spaces are approached directly via the entry level.

In order to lower a car lying on the upper parking level, the parking spaces on the lower level are shifted laterally so that an empty space is created under the selected parking space. In this way, the car lift combines parking convenience with efficiency. The driver simply has to request an assigned or empty parking platform and park the vehicle. The parking system takes care of the rest. The system flexibly moves the vehicles horizontally and vertically and thus makes optimal use of the enclosed parking space. During the parking process, innovative operating options and electric gates ensure a high level of safety.

What are the advantages of a Combilift?

Retractable garages, car lifts, Autolift or Combilift – there are several terms that refer to the same parking system. This is a parking system that moves cars horizontally or vertically on levels to make the best use of space. The main advantage is of course the space gained, especially when the car lift is used as a retractable garage.

The free space can, for example, be designed as a lawn or as another parking space. However, concrete, asphalt, tiles, paving stones or simply metal is also suitable as a possible surface. This ensures the aesthetic integration of the car lift into the structural local conditions. In addition, the vehicle is protected from theft and weather conditions.

What does a Combilift cost?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, as the costs can vary depending on the design, load capacity and size. For example, a platform can be up to 270 cm wide and withstand a load of between 2000 and 2600 kg. Depending on the requirements, the retractable garage is suitable for a vehicle height of 150 to 205 cm. With low installation heights of only 220 cm, parking of SUVs is possible on the upper parking spaces. There is a variety of arrangement possibilities depending on vehicle loads, heights and widths. All these factors influence the final price of a car lift.

Parking garages

New forms of mobility are causing ever-increasing traffic, which in turn leads to a lack of parking space. These current issues will continue to occupy us in the future. DE-PARK therefore focuses on future-proof solutions and flexible concepts in the area of parking garages. We are the leading provider of intelligent parking solutions that ensure plenty of freedom of action and are fit for the future. Learn more about parking garages, how they work and the advantages they offer.

What is a parking garage?

The term parking garage refers to a car park that usually has several floors and offers parking spaces for different vehicles such as cars. However, a parking garage also often offers spaces for motorbikes, bicycles or even trucks. Especially in larger cities, parking spaces in inner-city areas are scarce. In addition, parked cars put a strain on street space and prevent it from being better utilised. Therefore, they are mostly built in larger cities.

Example image: Underground car park with parking deck

The following terms are to be distinguished:

  • Elevated garage – is a garage on higher floors and can only be accessed via ramps.
  • Underground car park – located below ground level.
  • Parking deck – refers to a floor of the parking garage.

In order to meet the demand for sufficient parking spaces and to be able to build contemporary parking garages, a number of criteria must first be taken into account. At DE-PARK, we therefore make sure that our garages are not only user-friendly and provide enough parking spaces, but also meet other requirements such as short construction times and economic efficiency. In addition, we are happy to accommodate aesthetic and other individual requirements. With our experience in this field, we are your competent partner for every challenge.

How do parking garages work?

Video cameras are installed in most parking garages to provide security. However, a parking fee must often be paid to park the vehicle. More modern garages have an occupancy detection system that informs drivers about the parking spaces that are still available.

Parking garages usually differ according to the accessibility of the parking deck:

  • Large parking decks usually have ramps, which differ according to system. On the one hand, parking garages use straight ramps, but also helical or spiral ramps. On the other hand, there are also separate ramps that avoid oncoming traffic when driving up and down. Meanwhile, many garages use ramps with the so-called D’Humy system.
  • Besides ramps, lifts are used especially in older garages. This technology is used less often today because the operating and installation costs are usually higher and the vehicle throughput is limited.
  • In most parking garages, drivers drive their cars to the parking space themselves and then collect them themselves. However, work is now also being done on fully automatic systems that relieve the driver of the task of driving to the parking space. These technically complex systems have a so-called parking box that parks the vehicle automatically. An alternative to this are employees in garages who drive the vehicles to the parking space and hand them over again.

With design and system

The DE-PARK system is characterised by function and innovation. When building parking garages, we pay precise attention to ensuring that the construction elements are one hundred percent coordinated and remain functional in the future. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we have the necessary technical know-how to implement customised solutions according to your needs and specifications.

In addition to proven system elements, we also attach great importance to design, so that our creative architecture is also used for the façade. Our parking garages are distinguished by a high level of user comfort, a maximum number of parking spaces and individual design.


  • Mechanical solutions and their compact design enable the effective use of space. This is of particular benefit to large cities with limited available space.
  • Video surveillance provides parking garages with a high level of protection.
  • Good parks are soundproofed and therefore offer protection from noise. This advantage is particularly important in residential areas.
  • Parking garages also have visual advantages. With a modern design, they even become eye-catchers and can therefore be integrated into gaps between buildings without hesitation. Thanks to the various options for façade cladding, they can be adapted to surrounding buildings.
  • Parking garages enable convenient parking thanks to modern payment methods.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Your satisfaction is our goal. Through many years of cooperation with our customers, we have gained valuable experience and have come to the realisation that the diverse demands of our customers have made us the ideal contact partner. This has enabled us to learn the necessary know-how and to permanently develop ourselves further. The result is individual, economical and functional solutions in the planning process and in the construction of parking garages.

Double parkers

Safely parked, even in the tightest spaces

Double parkers have long since ceased to be a rarity and have become the solution when space is at a premium. The double parking garage is comparatively easy to integrate and can even be retrofitted.

Alternatively, double parkers are also known as stacking garages or duplex garages. These innovative solutions allow you to park two vehicles on top of each other, making optimal use of the available space.

What are double parkers, how do they work and what are the actual costs? We’ll tell you in a little more detail in the following sections – including functionality and safety.

Example: Analogue double parkers on two levels with interactive control, DE-40 series [without pit].

What are double parkers and how do they work?

A double parker is a special type of garage that allows you to park two cars on top of each other.

This type of garage offers the advantage that you can park the two cars in the space of one. Especially in larger cities or on properties with little space, it is worth investing in a double parker.

But how do double parkers actually work? Well, the functional principle is very basically based on a steerable platform – similar to a lifting platform that we know from car repair shops.

The vehicle is parked on the upper level, while the second car is parked below. With the help of a control unit, you can operate the double parker and decide which vehicle you want to use at any given time.

The question of what a double parker means has already been answered – as has the functional principle.

Within the variants, a distinction is made between analogue, digital and fully automated solutions (robotized).

Advantages and disadvantages

Like almost all types of garages and parking systems, double parkers also have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide on a double parking lift, you have to plan with comparatively high purchase costs.

However, the advantages of the parking solution outweigh the disadvantages, because you create many parking spaces from little space and thus benefit from an enormously high efficiency.

As for the other advantages, you can solve the parking situation flexibly. The modern double-parking garages from De-PARK are adjustable in height and width, which means you can also accommodate larger vehicles without hesitation.

Apart from the presented conveniences, a double parking lift offers a higher level of protection – especially in comparison with classic systems.

Last but not least, the integration of such parking systems increases the value of the property. It is therefore worth considering the purchase of such a system for many reasons.

What does a double parking lift cost?

The costs of a double parking lift vary and are difficult to quantify as a general rule. One reason for this is the fact that double parkers are not that common.

Furthermore, they are individual solutions and you have to weigh up which type you prefer. Analogue systems, for example, are cheaper than digital or automated double parkers.

Feel free to contact us or send us an enquiry. We will advise you comprehensively and make you an offer with the exact costs based on your needs.

Car lift

Space-saving, versatile and high-quality

Have you been looking for a car lift to alleviate the parking situation for some time now? Have you already explored the market but never found the right solution for your needs until now?

DE-PARK ends your search and is your company if you want to choose from a wide range of car lift variants.

Our car lifts convince with high quality, are efficient and versatile. In addition, you receive a modularly developed system that meets innovative requirements.

No matter which customer wishes you would like to implement – we take care of a customised realisation with experienced engineers.

In the following, we will tell you in more detail what you need to know about our car lift systems. To this end, we will go into what such a lift is all about, what solutions are available or what the advantages are. Last but not least, we explain to you what the budget is and what the costs depend on.

Example video: Parking lift/car lift with garage, DE-800 series, model DE-813. Access to the parking system is via a retractable roof.

What is a car lift?

Anyone who has not yet dealt with a car lift is probably not really familiar with it. Such a lift is an analogue, digital or automated conveyor technology that takes over the parking of the car.

Within the types, you have the option of deciding whether you want to enable only horizontal or also vertical parking.

Which car lift variants are available?

At DE-PARK you can choose from a wide range of car lift variants. It is important to differentiate depending on the budget and the dimensions, because not all solutions are suitable for every need.

If the budget is limited or you have buildings with little space, the analogue car lifts are mainly suitable. These require only a few materials, but at the same time enable intelligent control.

Otherwise, you can also opt for digital solutions. This type of car lift is characterised by semi-automatic control and is a symbiosis of intuitive control unit and modern techniques.

If you opt for digital car lifts, you get convenient solutions with maximum benefits. In addition, guests and tenants benefit from a much more pleasant parking experience.

Last but not least, you can also opt for a robotic car lift with us. This is the most modern way of parking, where users benefit from a fully automated process.

This type of car lift features the highest level of convenience, as users only need to drop off the car in the designated drop-off area. The lift takes care of the rest, allowing users to save time and take care of other things.

Example: Automated multi-level parking system, DE-700 series, model 717 with 17 parking spaces.

What are common car lift dimensions?

The car lift dimensions essentially depend on the location of the house or the size. In addition, you need to weigh up whether you want a pit or not.

Other essential factors to determine the dimensions are:

  • Headroom
  • Through-loader
  • Shaft width
  • Shaft depth
  • Payload

As you have rightly realised, the question of dimensions cannot be determined in a general way – the size of the house, the parking area or the conveying height vary and are different from building to building.

For this reason, we recommend that you contact us, where we will be happy to advise you and act as an innovative contact partner.

This is the budget you need

The costs cannot be answered in a general way, after all, they depend on your building and the chosen variant. In general, a car lift offers the advantage that the modern DE-PARK systems can be easily integrated into the buildings.

If you have commercial real estate, costs can be reduced while turnover increases and, in addition, customers are less stressed – after all, there is no need to search to find a parking space or park the car.

You are welcome to contact us to describe your situation and analyse your needs. We will then advise you comprehensively, show you the perfect solution for your needs and prepare an offer with the exact costs.

Parking lift

Optimising the parking situation with ease

Whether in large office complexes, houses in the city centre or in conurbations with complex parking situations – parking density is an increasingly serious problem for many property owners and companies.

Architects, building managers and planners are also confronted with this challenge and by no means always find a user-friendly solution.

An effective, high-quality and durable key is an automatic parking lift. DE-PARK is one of the leading suppliers in this field and convinces with a revolutionary system that solves your parking headaches in the long term.

With us, you get the chance to choose between two basic parking lift variants. You can choose analogue systems for your buildings or you can opt for digital solutions.

In our following article we will inform you a little bit more about our parking lifts. In addition, we will explain to you how the costs for a parking lift are made up and what the advantages are for you.

Example picture: Parking lift with garage, series DE-800, model DE-813. Access to the parking system is via a retractable roof.

What is a parking lift?

A parking lift is nothing more than a conveyor system that can be used to park vehicles vertically or horizontally. However, parking lift does not mean that every type of lift is the same.

Within the industry, the different solutions are subdivided according to the variant.

Analogue parking lifts are particularly popular. These are particularly suitable for situations where the available space is limited. Within parking lifts, a distinction is made between analogue, digital and robot parking lifts.

If space is limited and the building has only limited parking volume, the use of analogue parking systems is recommended. These are ideal if the parking space is to be optimally utilised and the budget is limited.

The DE-PARK analogue parking lifts are limited to the essential materials without sacrificing intelligent control.

The advantages of a Parklift Garage

A Parklift Garage is a symbiosis of comfort and optimisation. However, these are only two of the advantages that our DE-PARK solutions bring you. We have compiled the other advantages for you in the following list:

  • Sustainable solution for optimising the existing parking system
  • Increase of the building value
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Modern system that saves space
  • Reduce parking management costs while increasing turnover
Example video: Parking lift/car lift with garage, DE-800 series, model DE-813. Access to the parking system is via a retractable roof.

Parking lift costs: budget & factors

What are the costs of a parking lift? This is a question that planners, architects and property owners often ask themselves. However, it is not easy to give a blanket answer to this question, as systems vary and dimensions differ from building to building.

If you have a limited budget and space is at a premium, an analogue lift is the most likely solution. Here, there are fewer costs for the parking lift than with the digital variants.

They have semi-automatic controls and you can decide whether you prefer a model with or without a pit, for example.

If the budget plays a subordinate role or you want to increase the value of your building in the long term, the robot solutions are suitable. Here, of course, higher park lift costs are incurred, because comfort and technology are much more pronounced. Size, building, dimensions or other factors also have an influence on the costs – which is why we recommend an individual quotation. We would be happy to advise you individually, discuss your needs and clarify the topic of parking lift costs in a joint discussion.