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Fully automatic parking on pallets (XY) which move longitudinally and horizontally, just like a puzzle.
The system can be customized for your project´s needs.

DE-800. The main benefit is the ability to maximze the amount of parking spaces, in comparison with any other solution. Maximum space utilization due to lining up the pallets in a modular design.

An arrangement of 2 or more rows/columns with pallets following each other or side-by-side (depending on the project, empty spaces may be required). On the parking levels and lift, there are innovative conveyors to transport your vehicles with pallets in X- and/or Y-direction. Elevator may be positioned within the system or on the sides. A turning device is an option.

The system is easy to operate. Choose your preferred operating method to fit your needs.

No ramps or driving lanes are required. Maximum comfort & safety for user and vehicle.


Suitable for commercial and residential buildings and hotels. Recommended for new and existing buildings.



Your own valet parking service.
You can easily leave your car after placing it in the parking transfer area. The system will safely place your car inside the parking area and will deliver it back to you automatically.


With our unique Car Parking Systems, you will be able to save up to 80% of the parking area, and its construction costs. The system can be easily customized to each project. Supporting pillars can be included in the planning.
Avoid losing valuable space due to ramps and driving lanes. Increase parking comfort for residents, and gain more parking spaces to increase profit and the attractiveness of your property.


Your vehicle is safe and secure from theft, vandalism, and accidents caused by other maneuvering cars, you are the only one who can access it. Combining high-end design with functionality of the system, we maximize safety for users.