DE-58 [with pit]

Independent parking on two levels for Outdoor use.

DE-58 is a great solution for outdoor use, to double the number of parking spaces. Offset columns provide higher user comfort while opening car doors. 

The parking spaces below are invisible when the system is lowered.  Moreover, vehicles are safely parked and protected against climatic influences, theft, and vandalism. The top platform can be integrated or camouflaged to the surrounding surface with different covers.

Single units for 2 cars and double units for cars can be arranged in any combination according to the local conditions and settings. The double unit has no columns between the parking spaces for high space efficiency.

Lifting - lowering


Suitable for private car parks, residential and office buildings, as well as for buildings classified as a historical monuments.
Outdoor installation (also for Indoor use).


The innovative control unit contains a push-button for higher comfort and safety.

Simply select your parking platform by pressing the push-buttons (press button to lift and lower).


The parking spaces outside can easily be doubled on a small surface area.
They are easy to plan and quick to install

Highly adaptable and functional. High-quality manufacturing for safe and smooth operation. Minimized parts construction for easy installation. Easy to service and maintain.