DE-40 (without pit)

Dependent parking on two levels. Simple and comfortable. For Indoor use.

DE-40 is our comfortable and simple solution for Indoor use to double the number of parking spaces. The lower vehicle is directly parked on the ground.  Flat platforms as standard equipment for high comfort when entering and walking.

The lower vehicle on the ground must be driven out before the platform above can be lowered. 

Low construction costs. Fixation of the system on the rear wall or on the ceiling. 

Available as single unit for 2 cars.
Single units can be strung together individually.


Suitable for private car parks (second car, collector´s vehicles), Parking lots with valet parking and the automotive sector.
Indoor installation.


Innovative control unit with push-button for high comfort and safety.

The control unit hastwo push-buttons for lifting and lowering, an emergency stop, anindicator lamp for signalling the system status and akey-switch for system release.

Simply select your parking platform by pressing the
push-buttons (press buttonto lift and lower).