DE-48 [mit Grube]

Independent parking on two levels. The comfort solution for garages.

DE-48 is our extravagant and comfortable solution to double the number of parking spaces in garages. Less columns at entrance area for highest comfort when entering and while opening car doors.

Flat platforms as our basic equipment are easy to access for both car and driver.

Both platforms are horizontally accessible.

Available as single unit for 2 cars.
Single units can be combined individually.
individually. High space efficiency. Fantastic design.

Lifting - lowering


Suitable for residential buildings, office buildings and business premises, as well as for hotels.
For Indoor use.


Innovative control unit for higher comfort and safety. 

The control unit has two push-buttons (press to lift and lower),
an emergency stop, 
an indicator lamp for signalling the system status and a key-switch for system release. 

Choose your parking space by easy pressing of 
the push-buttons to lift and lower the system.