DE-10 (without pit)

Independent parking on one level with semi-automatic control.

DE-10 laterally sliding platforms are installed in front of conventional parking spaces in 2 or 3 row arrangements. Maximum space utilization, including areas behind columns and in corners. Increase your number of parking spaces by moving platforms close together and to the side. Sometimes the parking spaces can even be doubled.

Flat platforms are our standard equipment.
Easy and quick installation.

The platforms are electrically driven and move on rails. One empty space per row allows the cars to reach the parking spaces behind.

Laterally moving platforms are arranged in rows side-by-side and behind each.


Suitable for residential buildings, office buildings and business premises.
For Indoor use.


Semi-automatic operation via Touch-Screen control unit. Choose your parking space simply by Touch Screen. Press push button and follow the movement of your platform on the screen.