DE-38 [with pit]

Independent parking on two levels. Our common solution for garages.

DE-38 is the common solution for garages from a clear height of 320 cm. The platforms are horizontally accessible. A simple and smart solution to double your parking spaces in your garage.

Our platforms are flat and large for easy driving and walking (basic equipment).

Available as a single unit for 2 cars and as a double unit
for 4 cars. Single and double units can be arranged and combined individually. The double unit has no columns between the parking spaces for high space efficiency.

Lifting - lowering


Suitable for residential buildings, office buildings and business premises.
Indoor installation.


The innovative control unit contains a push-button for higher comfort and safety.

Simply select your parking platform by pressing the push-buttons (press button to lift and lower).


The parking spaces in garages can easily be doubled on a small surface area.
They are easy to plan and quick to install

Highly adaptable and functional. High-quality manufacturing for safe and smooth operation. Minimized parts construction for easy installation. Easy to service and maintain.