Retractable garage

The car appears under the front garden at the push of a button – the retractable garage not only exists in movies, but is now a thoroughly space-saving, convenient and elegant solution for many. But how does it work and why is it practical? DE-PARK tells you more about the underground garage below.

How does the perfect hiding place for the car?

Basically, the mode of operation is relatively simple. The vehicle is driven onto a hydraulic lift table and lowered into the ground. After the car is lowered, a roof structure on the shallow level serves to cover the vehicle. The surface above ground can then be used for other purposes.

The various design options of the retractable garage expand its functionality. For example, from the underground garage through a shaft can be laid direct access to the house. This means that the occupants can enter the house, for example, through the basement.

For selection there is also the option to park several vehicles underground. Furthermore, the underground garage in larger residential units can serve as an entrance to the underground garage. Of this type of garages there are different variants from luxury models to the parking lift system. Which model you choose depends not only on your wishes, but also on safety regulations, structural requirements and, most importantly, on your budget.

Retractable garage for multiple vehicles
Example retractable garage for several vehicles: Analog parking system on two levels with interactive control, DE-59 series [with pit].

Why an underground garage?

There are many reasons to choose a retractable garage. Among the most important advantages include, first of all:

  • Safety
  • Space saving
  • Aesthetics
  • no structural requirements for an above-ground garage
  • Increase in value

Especially in big cities, there is an increasing lack of space. Every square meter is valuable and almost too good for a parked car. However, an underground garage can also serve to protect expensive new cars from thieves or the weather. In addition, an above-ground garage is sometimes not an option for aesthetic or structural reasons, which is why retractable garages are often the only solution. Last but not least, it also often happens that there is simply not enough space for two cars. These are all reasons why retractable garages from DE-PARK are becoming more and more popular.

Example retractable garage: Analog parking system on two levels with interactive control, DE-58 series [with pit].

Areas of application of retractable garages

This type of garages is an elegant solution both in the private sector and in parking and car dealerships. In the private sector, they are often used where there is a need to protect and maintain expensive cars. This garage protects the precious piece and significantly reduces the risk of theft.

Parking garages and car dealerships aim to save as much space as possible. That’s where retractable garages come in handy. With the underground garage, it is even possible to put several cars in a minimal space. If the size of the plot is very limited, this type of garage is the ideal solution.

In the private sector, such a garage is often used also for aesthetic reasons, when a car or an outer garage visually do not fit into the overall picture of the property or hide important parts. When it comes to the roof of the sunken garage, it can be designed as desired in the sunken state. You can choose between grid stones, natural stone slabs, a lawn or a simple checker plate.

Requirements for a retractable garage

An underground garage is associated with longer construction times and a relatively higher budget. It is not possible to give a blanket answer as to how long the construction will take and how high the costs will ultimately be. Many factors such as the model, the equipment, the size and the structural requirements play an important role. The structural requirements include the appropriate size of the pit, the drainage device, a water gutter, a power connection, etc.

Normally the construction takes longer and roughly calculated the costs are higher than for a normal prefabricated garage, but in return the retractable garage from DE-PARK offers some convincing advantages that speak for a purchase.