Parking guidance system – substainable and innovative parking

It is more often to hear, that the big cities need a revolution at the theme parking system. A lot of people speak, that a innovation is inevitable. The environmental factor is important, but it is only one point. People in many countries search for a solution. But: Which system is innovative and substainable?

Parking Systems

Countries like Australien or the USA make it better. In this big cities is it normal, to use innovative parking systems. That was not ever so, then for a long time the developers and business people shied away from his cause it would be to much effort.

However, the fact is another. The opinion by architects and estate planners shows, that the demand increases. More and more people look after a high-quality Parking guidance system. It almost appears, that the old solutions are outdated and not sufficient for the new digital world.

Automate, revolutionize – these are the words, which are used to describe the acutally parking situation in a lot of countries. You as an architect, responsible person or real estate planner have the free opinion to decide, how the parking guidance system should be used in your property.

On the market are many solutions. You can take analogue parking guidance systems, but the digital systems and robot products are associated with decisive advantages. Analogue products are good, but the other two systems are considered to be the solution of the future.

But why is that so? What types of parking guidance systems are there and how do the different solutions differ? In the guide we provide comprehensive information and show you which solutions you can get from De-Park.

What is a parking guidance system?

In general the description of a parking guidance system is very easy, cause is is a transport system. here are solutions that park your vehicle horizontally or vertically. There are also parking guidance systems that park vehicles in both way.

Parking guidance systems are available in different variants. The automatic solutions are becoming more popular than the old variants.

Analog, digital or robotic? These three types are the most common

Generally we must distinction between three different parking guidance systems. One solution is the analogue system. These are mainly suitable for limited situations and in cases where the budget is limited and not so high.

An analogue parking guidance system offers the advantage of using significantly less material. The expenditure is correspondingly less and another reason is the using of innovative technology.

Another opportunity is the using of an digital parking guidance system. If you have question for that, you can contact our excellent team from De-Park. The digital guidance system is based on a semi-automatic control system with a symbiosis of innovation and a high-quality control unit. With this technology you no longer need to care you about parking the car. A parking guidancy increases the usage and elevated the parking quality.  

Another very popular variant is the parking guidance system with robots. This type of parking offers more advantages as the other variants. The car parking expire completely automatic and is associated with a great usability. You place the car in the specific parking area and from there the system takes over the rest and deliver the car in the parking area.

The process only takes a few minutes and you can go, cause the robot takes care all the tasks.

How to find out which parking guidance system is suitable for your needs

It is not so difficult to find the best system for your needs. Answer the following questions and get a flair, which parking guidance system is the right:

  • How much is your budget?
  • Have you the chance to integreate a garage body in your situation?
  • Is this not possible: Is a abouve-ground car park a help for you?

De-Park: The advantages of our products

Choose De-Park as your manufacturer and get a high-professional parking guidance system for your needs. Our innovative products are associated with a lot of advantage, as the following list shows:

  • You can reduce the costs and increasing the sales at the same time.
  • You can raise the space requirement in your building complex.
  • You can increase the value of your property


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