Parking guidance systems

Parking guidance systems act as a source of information at airports, in cities and in multi-storey car parks. A functioning system enables car drivers to find a free parking space as quickly as possible.

In addition, urban transport operators get a chance to make the best possible use of the available parking space. This in turn has a positive effect on customer satisfaction, ensures longer stays and increases turnover.

In the following article, we will tell you in more detail what you need to know about parking guidance systems – including definition, future opportunities and the DE-PARK solution variants.

What are parking guidance systems?

The term parking guidance system is interpreted differently by many. In general, it can be defined as follows:

Parking guidance systems are a system designed to make the parking situation easier for motorists. The solutions vary, however, as static display boards are still seen in some cities.

Modern systems, on the other hand, have dynamic approaches and indicate whether the respective parking system still has free capacity.

Do parking guidance systems fit into the cities of tomorrow? The advantages of modern solutions

One of today’s questions is: Are parking guidance systems still up to date and suitable for the urban orientation of tomorrow? Our answer: Yes, absolutely. Especially in the big cities, we hear more often about environmental factors.

The operators of shopping centres and shopping arcades are desperately looking for solutions to make parking as easy as possible for customers.

Dynamic and static solutions are one basis for this, because: this way it is possible to quickly see whether there is still free space in the respective car park. However, this alone is not enough, because for many users parking is a mystery.

Making parking management profitable and customer-friendly

With our parking systems, you get a customised solution that is precisely tailored to your needs. We offer you the opportunity to solve the problem of parking in an innovative way.

You get the chance to decide whether you prefer an analogue, digital or robotic solution.

The DE-PARK advantages at a glance

  • Convenient and profitable parking management
  • Increase in turnover
  • Cost reduction
  • Utilisation of resources
  • Sustainable increase in real estate value

Do you have any questions about the possibilities of DE-PARK? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can discuss how we can modernise your parking situation and adapt it to future needs.