Functionality and advantages at a glance

Especially in large cities and inner cities, it is common to have a lack of necessary parking spaces – and at this point at the latest, the stress sets in. It is not uncommon to be late for work because of the stressful search for a parking space, which, if repeated, causes additional stress with superiors once again. Fortunately, there are now appropriate solutions to such problems on the market. More and more residential and office buildings are therefore relying on innovative parking systems, such as the Combilift. In this way, parking efficiency is significantly improved.

Moving and stacking creates more space in height on the upper parking level. This creates more space for cars with roof racks, SUVs as well as vans. With a low installation height, the semi-automatic car parking system even allows parking on two levels above each other. At the same time, the vehicles are safely stored behind the gates.

DE-37 series [with pit] - Combilift
Example Combilift: Digital parking system on two levels with semi-automatic control, DE-37 series [with pit].

How a Combilift works

Depending on the design, semi-automatic and mechanical parking systems enable the doubling or tripling of parking spaces for vehicles. For example, the Autolift stacks the vehicles on top of each other and parking can be both dependent and independent. With the Combilift, independent parking is guaranteed even without a pit, as the cars are moved to empty spaces here. Due to an empty space on the entry level and the technology of the shifting puzzle, all parking spaces are approached directly via the entry level.

In order to lower a car lying on the upper parking level, the parking spaces on the lower level are shifted laterally so that an empty space is created under the selected parking space. In this way, the car lift combines parking convenience with efficiency. The driver simply has to request an assigned or empty parking platform and park the vehicle. The parking system takes care of the rest. The system flexibly moves the vehicles horizontally and vertically and thus makes optimal use of the enclosed parking space. During the parking process, innovative operating options and electric gates ensure a high level of safety.

What are the advantages of a Combilift?

Retractable garages, car lifts, Autolift or Combilift – there are several terms that refer to the same parking system. This is a parking system that moves cars horizontally or vertically on levels to make the best use of space. The main advantage is of course the space gained, especially when the car lift is used as a retractable garage.

The free space can, for example, be designed as a lawn or as another parking space. However, concrete, asphalt, tiles, paving stones or simply metal is also suitable as a possible surface. This ensures the aesthetic integration of the car lift into the structural local conditions. In addition, the vehicle is protected from theft and weather conditions.

What does a Combilift cost?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, as the costs can vary depending on the design, load capacity and size. For example, a platform can be up to 270 cm wide and withstand a load of between 2000 and 2600 kg. Depending on the requirements, the retractable garage is suitable for a vehicle height of 150 to 205 cm. With low installation heights of only 220 cm, parking of SUVs is possible on the upper parking spaces. There is a variety of arrangement possibilities depending on vehicle loads, heights and widths. All these factors influence the final price of a car lift.