Car turntable

Functionality, advantages and areas of application

There is no turning space in front of most garages, as the driveways are kept narrow for reasons of space. Often the car has to be parked out or in backwards. Here, a car turntable offers absolute comfort, because the vehicles simply turn around their own axis thanks to this space-saving parking and unparking aid. Ultimately, the driver can comfortably drive out of the garage forwards.

Example image: Car turntable

Features of a car turntable

Many parking spaces and house exits often cause worry lines: A gate that couldn’t be narrower or a hedge that restricts visibility are just some of the most common causes of stress behind the wheel – even in front of your own house. This is where a car turntable can save a lot of stress and time in everyday life. No longer does a driver have to reverse out of the garage into traffic on a busy road. In the future, even those who are tired of manoeuvring back and forth in the underground garage will be able to turn their own vehicle 180 degrees at the touch of a button.

The special feature of this parking aid is that it can also be retrofitted in existing car parks, garages and in front of one’s own house. The load as well as the diameter of the car turntable can be extended on request.

Functionality of a car turntable

This innovative parking aid makes it possible to turn the vehicle around its own axis without a turning circle or turning ramp. But how does the system work? The plate consists of several segments, is centrally mounted and rests on maintenance-free rollers with ball bearings according to the static requirements. A 360-degree rotation should not take longer than one minute.

The driver drives comfortably onto the panel and only has to press a button before exiting to bring the car into a more favourable position or so that the bonnet faces forwards and the exit is more comfortable. This eliminates the inconvenience of backing out or turning the car around in very narrow garage entrances.

What are the advantages of a turntable?

The main advantage is obvious, as the driver no longer has to think about how to exit onto the road. This is particularly stressful when there are no turning facilities on site. In the standard version, vehicles with a length of up to 5 m can be turned, and the total weight can reach up to 4000 kg. This means that even SUVs can be brought into the perfect extension or retraction position from a standing position.

Depending on the installation situation, the panel can be set up as an underfloor or above-floor variant. Other dimensions and specifications can be realised as special production. For users, this means an additional level of safety, as shunting back and forth is completely eliminated. In conjunction with this, time is also saved that would otherwise have to be invested in stressful and dangerous turning attempts. Those who have previously had to reverse into moving traffic on a daily basis will particularly appreciate this parking aid. It means never again having to wait desperately for the right moment to pull out.

Areas of application of a car turntable

  • For limited and narrow access
  • In residential and commercial buildings, office buildings or garages for single or multi-family houses
  • Can be used in the front garden or courtyard as an open-air parking system without garage
  • As a space-saving parking and unparking aid in multi-storey or underground car parks, e.g. car rental, car dealerships and hotels.

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