DE-65 [without pit]

Independent parking on 3 levels above each other without pit. Semi-automatic control.

DE-65 is the perfect solution for outdoor installation or in halls with high ceilings. The system has lifting platforms on the upper level, a combination of lifting and sliding platforms with one empty space on the middle level and sliding platforms with one empty space on the entrance level. Each segment has its own access on the entrance level.

Our platforms are flat and large for easy driving and walking.

Modular arrangement of segments beside one another
depending on the available space on site. The smallest unit consists of 2 segments for 4 cars.

Combination of lifting and sliding platforms with two empty spaces. Each segment has its own access on the entrance level.


Suitable for residential buildings, office buildings, business premises and the automotive sector.
For Outdoor and Indoor use.



Choose your parking space simply and conveniently by Touch-Screen and follow the movement of your platform on the screen. The key switch is only used to activate the control unit and make sure that only authorized users have access to the system. Access gates are required for safety reasons.
Additional features are available, such as remote-control, app control and online-diagnosis.

A semi-automatic operation via Touch-Screem is only permitted with gates, otherwise the system is controlled in dead hand control.


Required for semi-automatic operation. Park your vehicles safely and comfortably behind our sliding gate system. An innovative design for a bigger manouvering area provide easy access and minimized risk of collision.

Figures above and below for demonstration purposes only.



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