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DE-800 series | sub-model: DE-813 | Parking places: 18

This apartment building was built in 1933 in the International Style. The building is declared by UNESCO as a “World Heritage” and is under historic preservation with severe restrictions. In order to create parking, the investor and the architect had to come up with a creative solution, that would not change the building or its appearance.

The chosen solution was the DE-800 series. By using the area under the ornamental garden, they were able to create 18 parking spaces without changing the building or its appearance.

The entrance to the parking system is performed by a “pop up cabin” (canopy/baldachin) and saves the need for a permanent entry cabin. The “pop up cabin” is folded and safely closed when the system is not in use.

The DE-800 series

An innovative solution, used for maximizing a given area, and allowing the addition of parking places in almost every project. The main benefit of this parking system is the ratio between net parking space and lost gross.

The DE-800 series can be tailored to and configured according to each project. In this system each car / pallet can be driven by longitudinal and transverse shifting (X & Y axis), therefore, maximal number of parking spaces can be attained in each parking level, with minimal requirement for “free” space for internal maneuvering.

The parking system is completely robotic and automatic thus allowing the user to enjoy maximum comfort. It is possible to combine within the parking system a “pop up cabin” (canopy/baldachin), thus saving the need for a permanent entry cabin.

To increase comfort and safety to the user, it is possible to combine a vehicle rotation system (turning table) in the parking system, thereby saving the user the need for reverse drive out.

The DE-800 series offers a great variety of integrated car lifts (hoists) both hydraulic and electric, according to individual specification and planning for your project.

The DE800 series robotic automatic parking system can cut your costs!



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