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DE-900 series | sub-model: DE926P | parking places: 67

The hotel is located on Zion Square, in the heart of Jerusalem’s city center, just a minute away from the Old City, Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall, the tram station.

By using the DE-900 series robotic automatic parking solution, the architect and the investor reduced the need for many parking levels and thereby reduced expenses by not blasting/mining the hard stone, and cut costs of every-day operating, and enhanced the user parking experience.

The DE-900 series

A robotic automatic parking system that suits mainly “large” projects, from 50 parking places and up to more than 5.000 parking places. Enabling maximum utilization of parking areas, the system can be used pallet-less (without pallets) or with pallets.

Each parking level and each elevator in the system operates separately, regardless of the other parking levels and elevators. The multitasking performed by the system gives the user maximum convenience and a fast parking experience.

The solution can be implemented in combination with payment and guidance systems and can be used as a fully automated public system. To increase comfort and safety for the user, it is possible to combine a vehicle rotation system (turning table) in the parking system, thereby saving the user the need for reverse drive out.

The system provides the user with a convenient VIP experience at maximum availability, just like valet parking.

The DE-900 series robotic automatic parking system works for you!

  • Maximum convenience - unique valet service for the driver.
  • Number of conveyors and elevators can be determined according to system size and planning needs.
  • Quick vehicle retrieval.
  • There is no need for ramps, lanes, and drive ways.
  • Reduces excavation and the need for it altogether in many parking levels.
  • Allows dynamic planning, according to project requirements.
  • A rotation device can be added, thus increasing the level of safety and comfort for the user.
  • The parking cells can be adapted to different vehicle sizes yielding a more efficient use of the space available to the user.
  • Maximizes your land plot.
  • Saves ventilation costs for air flow to the parking lot.
  • Remote control / monitoring and service.
  • Saves maintenance costs (painting, lighting, etc.).
  • Suitable for residential, office, hotel and public parking.
  • Can be combined with collection and payment systems.
  • Can serve both regular and occasional users.
  • Can cut the need for human resource.


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