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DE-700 series | Number of parking spaces: 17

This is the new construction of an apartment building with a motel in an inner city area.

The characteristics of the project include a very small plot of land with a hard rock bottom. In addition to the parking garage in the basement, the architect also had to accommodate important building technology that is crucial for operation (i.e. water pumps, emergency power generator, rooms for transformer and power supply, etc.).

As a result, there was not enough space for a conventional parking garage with access ramps.

DE-700 system

With this parking system solution, narrow spaces can also be used. A unique solution that can be used to add parking spaces to almost any project. This parking system can also be installed in very narrow areas, for example on the spaces between the building and the property line.

The systems of the DE-700 series offer a wide range of integrated vehicle lifts in hydraulic or electrical construction, with which the adaptation to your individual needs and planning is possible.

The DE-700 series can be tailored to any project and configured accordingly. Parking spaces can be arranged on all four sides of the vehicle elevator.

The automated parking systems of the DE-700 series help to save costs!



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