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In more and more cases the cities have a park problem. But not only in towns, a lot of property owner complain about the same theme. For that reason you need a high-quality solution to resolve it. The focus on a good parking system grown, but substainability is an important value to make the the life more liveable.


With a parking system you can counteract the park density, but there are a few other reasons to use a parking system. A lot of real estate developers and architects don’t decide to chose classic parking systems, cause this solution is out of date. With us at De-Park you will find the right solutions for every need.

You can choose De-Park and get a bride portfolio with good products for your situation. In this article we will tell you all the facts you need to know about your potential parking system.

What is a parking system?

Basically, a parking system is a conveyor system with which you can park the car horizontally or vertically. A few products offers the opportunity, to park in both directions. Over the years a lot of developers created systems, but the automatic systems with digital technologies are the preffered focus.

What types of parking systems are available at the moment?

In general, there are three solutions that have proven themselves. So you can decide to choose an analogue system or you decide between a robot-controlled parking system respectively an digital system.

Is the space limited? For this case you can buy a system with ideal requirements. This technology offers the advantage to get the best with minimal space. Especially it is a good decision for property owner with a limited budget.

But that isnt the only advantage, cause analogue systems only need a minimum of construction parts. Our Team by De-Park is your professional partner and help you to find the perfect system. An analogue system give you a solution with intelligent control system.

Another solution is a digital parking system. This product has a semi-automatic control and is the combination of control unit and innovatie technlogy. Advantages of this systems are a high comfort level and a better parking experience. Otherwise the high benefits are an advantage.

The modern variant to park is a system with robots. This system have a fully automatic control unit and are often considered the parking system of the future. You only need do park the car in the area and the system takes care the other processes. You can go for a walk or go shopping and the system take care the parking problem.

What advantages does a parking system offer?

A parking system offers a few advantage, which the following list clarifies:

  • Parksystems optimise the space requirements
  • Increase the building value
  • Make the parking situation easy
  • Reduce the cost and increase your sales

De-Park: Your manufacturer for the parking problem

Choose De-Park and get products made in Germany. We are a manufacturer with high knowledge and for this reason we have used our expertise to develop an innovative parking system with high quality.

Do you have any questions or would you like advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. DE-Park – Your partner for innovative parking systems


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