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DE-700 series | sub-model: DE717 | parking places: 17

A new apartment building, that includes a motel, in the center of the city.

This project is characterized by a small land-plot and ground surface made of hard rock. The architect had to take into consideration, alongside the parking in the basement, critical systems for the building (i.e. water pumps, emergence generator, transformator room, main electric supply room, etc.). Due to these factors, there was not enough space to consider a conventional parking garage with ramps.

By using our automatic robotic parking system DE700 series, the architect was able to create 17 parking places, without the use of ramps. Additionally, by using a system that requires only local excavation, the expenses due to blast/mining in the hard stone was reduced.

DE-700 series

A parking solution that utilizes narrow areas. A unique solution that allows the addition of parking spaces in almost every project. This parking system can be installed in very narrow areas – for example in the setback lines of a building (between the actual building lines and the boundaries of the land plot).

The DE-700 series can be tailored to and configured according to each project. Parking spaces can be added on all sides of the elevator (in front of the elevator, behind it and at its sides).

The parking system is completely robotic and automatic thus allowing the user to enjoy maximum comfort.

It is possible to combine within the parking system, a “pop up cabin” (canopy/baldachin), thus saving the need for a permanent entry cabin.

To increase comfort and safety for the user, it is possible to combine a vehicle rotation system (turning table) in the parking system, thereby saving the user the need for reverse drive out.

The DE-700 series offers a great variety of integrated car lifts (hoists) both hydraulic and electric, according to individual specification and planning for your individual project.

The DE-700 series robotic automatic parking system can cut your costs!


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© Copyright DE-PARK 2021. All rights reserved.

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