Duplex parkers

The accommodation of cars is becoming a major problem, especially in large cities, due to a lack of space. That is why modern parking solutions are constantly being sought. One practical solution could be duplex parkers, which are becoming the new trend especially in new buildings. Gradually, more and more apartment buildings as well as businesses are getting the practical stacking parkers. However, they are also being installed in single-family homes that have to make do with little space.

But how does this double parking work, what types are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages? You can find out about this and other useful information on the modern parking solution below.

How does a duplex parkers work?

Duplex parkers are a type of double garage, double parker or lift garage and have the advantage that one parking space can be used to park two cars. The installation of such a parking facility can be particularly worthwhile in large cities, where there is already a shortage of space anyway, but also for small properties. The whole thing works via a controllable platform, which is comparable to a lifting platform in a car repair shop. When one vehicle is parked on the upper level, a second one can be parked underneath. The system is operated via a control unit using a key.

These parking systems have certain safety mechanisms to prevent possible damage to the cars. For this reason, the driver must wait until the platform moves completely down or up to be able to remove the key.

What is important to pay attention to?

Bei der falschen Wahl des Herstellers oder des Modells können Duplexparker reparaturanfällig sein. Der Motor der Bühnentechnik kann bei qualitativ minderwertigen Produkten oft für Probleme sorgen, was zu ihrem größten Nachteil zählt. Daher sind nur solche Hersteller zu empfehlen, die nachweislich qualitativ hochwertige Modelle bauen und diese problemlos vertreiben. Des Weiteren gibt es je nach Hersteller unterschiedliche Garantieleistungen, was Sie beim Kauf ebenfalls berücksichtigen sollten.

Duplexparker von DE-PARK

The modern parking systems from DE-PARK are the perfect solution when space is at a premium, as they are high-quality car parking systems with several parking levels. Our duplex parker are particularly suitable for office buildings, single and multi-family homes as well as underground garages and thus bring with them a number of advantages.

The different models from DE-PARK create enough space so that almost any car can be parked comfortably. In addition, our models are characterised by their particular user-friendliness. A simple turn of the key is enough to access the vehicle.

Due to the different parking space heights and widths, the DE-PARK lift garage is suitable for different properties. If you choose one of our models, you can count on low maintenance costs and high functional reliability.

Dependent and independent parking

If a property has a pit, the parking spaces are lowered and thus remain flexible or independently usable. In this case, we are talking about independent parking. In contrast, dependent parking occurs when there is no pit during construction. In this model, the driver can only move the upper vehicle out when the lower level is not occupied. The so-called dependent parking systems are used in particular for retrofitting.

What are the costs for a duplex parker?

The cost of a lift garage can vary greatly depending on the supplier and model. Prices also depend on whether you want to accommodate a simple ground-level system or several vehicles. You should also take electricity and maintenance costs into account when making calculations.

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Duplex garage

A duplex garage is a so-called doubled (duplicated) parking space for cars, which is provided with the help of moving platforms. According to its name, two cars can be parked on top of each other. At first, drivers who are not familiar with this garage model are often reluctant to drive on the platform. However, there is no real reason for this, as such garages are technically sophisticated and generally considered to be very safe.

This type of garage therefore not only offers flawless technology, but also ensures maximum safety. Practically speaking, vehicle damage due to a technical defect is unknown. Thanks to such car parking spaces, both private customers and companies can save not only space but also parking costs.

Series DE-59 [with pit] - Duplex Garage
Example Duplex Garage: Analogue parking system on three levels with interactive control, DE-59 series [with pit].

How does the Duplex Garage work?

The simplest variant of the duplex garage is often found under office and residential buildings in underground garages. This double parking space for cars offers two levels that can be raised and lowered by means of a key switch. This circuit is located close to the parking space.

An example: The driver drives up and sees that the upper parking level is already occupied by another vehicle and the lower level is free. So he can simply drive the parking space upwards until the lower parking level ends with the driving surface of the underground car park. At this point, the lifting motor is stopped automatically. The driver can then drive to the lower parking level of the garage.

If in the meantime the owner of the car on the upper level has to park out, he can drive down the garage again and drive out. Now the upper level can be used by the next driver. Such garage spaces are rented out to owners or permanent tenants, who also receive a corresponding key for them. The vehicles are usually parked at an angle. For this purpose, the parking space is usually equipped with additional brake triangles that have to be crossed when driving in and out.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to always engage a gear and pull the handbrake. In the meantime, there are different variants of duplex garages, e.g. for three vehicles, for the combination of short-term and long-term parking, for large-volume cars or as a parking space for the disabled.

Advantages and disadvantages of a duplex garage

The biggest advantage is probably that the available space can be used much more efficiently with this combined car parking space. Even those drivers who initially had reservations about such parking spaces will quickly appreciate the clever solution. In the most favourable cases, the space available in a normal underground car park can accommodate about twice as many cars. This makes it quite possible to create one or even two spaces for each tenant in high-quality residential units and office buildings. Otherwise, tenants would be on their own in the scarce parking supply in city centres.

The only disadvantage with regard to this type of garage is the initial concern described above, as many users are sceptical at first glance and find the running-in process complicated. However, this succeeds quite easily and is practised in a very short time. Of course, drivers must act prudently and, for example, apply the handbrake if the parking spaces lead to angled parking. Depending on how the garage is moved, the slant can first lift the rear and the front of the vehicle. So the vehicle must not be able to roll backwards or forwards.

What does a duplex garage cost?

This type of garage is a very sensible solution wherever there is a shortage of parking spaces. The question of price cannot be answered in a general way, as several factors can have an influence on the price. First of all, it must be determined which model of double garage is actually needed. In addition, size, capacity and equipment also determine the price. In addition, fixed operating costs must be expected for such garages, including costs for electricity consumption, costs for any repairs that may be required and regular maintenance costs.

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Duplex parking

A duplex parking space is probably one of the most innovative garage variants. Nevertheless, many vehicle owners are not familiar with how it works or with the term itself. Some also have reservations, although these are not exactly justified. After all, the advantages of this garage variant are clearly superior to the apparent disadvantages.

This parking space is a double-level garage in which two vehicles can be parked on top of each other. This innovative system duplicates the existing garage parking space. Such a parking space can increase the available parking space even in the smallest of spaces. In the meantime, there are also different models in this segment that can be adapted to the individual wishes of the customer with selected accessories, such as the modification for e-parking or the bike safe.

DE-40 without pit - Duplex parking space
Example duplex parking space: Analogue parking system on two levels with interactive control, DE-40 series [without pit].

Functionality of a duplex parking space

Those standing in front of such a pitch for the first time look in sceptically at first. Fortunately, this reaction is unfounded, as this parking space technology is extremely safe and sophisticated. Vehicle damage due to a technical defect is practically unknown.

Typically, duplex parking spaces are built in underground garages, especially under residential and office complexes. The parking space system usually offers two levels, with one or two parking spaces per level. Next to the parking space is a key switch that can be operated by the driver. This raises or lowers the parking space level, depending on which level the driver wants to enter or exit from.

So if a driver drives his car up to the parking space and finds that one level is free and the other is occupied, he can simply lower or raise the free level by operating the lifting motor and finally park. Of course, the same happens when parking out. The parking spaces are equipped with brake triangles due to the mostly sloping parking surface and the lifting and lowering. These must be crossed when driving in and out. In addition, it is advisable to engage a gear and apply the handbrake.

Meanwhile, there is a duplex parking space for:

  • Independent parking (pit required): each platform can be driven on independently and conveniently
  • Dependent parking (no pit required): Before a platform is lowered, the lower parking space must always be empty (stacking parker)
  • With single stage: One parking space per floor
  • With double stage: two pitches next to each other per floor
  • With two or three levels: for parking up to three vehicles on top of each other

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the duplex parking space?

Space efficiency is probably the most important advantage with this type of parking facility. This means that the supply of parking spaces can be used more efficiently, which has proven to be particularly desirable in large cities. Here, the parking situation is tense anyway and there are enough annoyed drivers who are often late for work because of the stressful search for a parking space.

In the best case, this parking space can accommodate twice as many vehicles as before, which would be an advantage for all parties involved in highly frequented commercial areas or densely populated residential areas. In addition, vehicles in secured parking spaces are much better protected against vandalism and theft, as the level can only be lowered or raised with a key. This means that the vehicle may not be accessible or even visible. In addition, a duplex parking space is ideal for winter storage of seasonal vehicles, such as motorbikes or classic cars.

A disadvantage could be the initial concern about the complicated entry, but this concern is usually eliminated after the third entry. While such parking spaces are safe, the driver himself must remember to always engage a gear and apply the handbrake. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling when moving the garage levels and possibly causing damage.

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Double parkers

Safely parked, even in the tightest spaces

Double parkers have long since ceased to be a rarity and have become the solution when space is at a premium. The double parking garage is comparatively easy to integrate and can even be retrofitted.

Alternatively, double parkers are also known as stacking garages or duplex garages. These innovative solutions allow you to park two vehicles on top of each other, making optimal use of the available space.

What are double parkers, how do they work and what are the actual costs? We’ll tell you in a little more detail in the following sections – including functionality and safety.

Example: Analogue double parkers on two levels with interactive control, DE-40 series [without pit].

What are double parkers and how do they work?

A double parker is a special type of garage that allows you to park two cars on top of each other.

This type of garage offers the advantage that you can park the two cars in the space of one. Especially in larger cities or on properties with little space, it is worth investing in a double parker.

But how do double parkers actually work? Well, the functional principle is very basically based on a steerable platform – similar to a lifting platform that we know from car repair shops.

The vehicle is parked on the upper level, while the second car is parked below. With the help of a control unit, you can operate the double parker and decide which vehicle you want to use at any given time.

The question of what a double parker means has already been answered – as has the functional principle.

Within the variants, a distinction is made between analogue, digital and fully automated solutions (robotized).

Advantages and disadvantages

Like almost all types of garages and parking systems, double parkers also have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide on a double parking lift, you have to plan with comparatively high purchase costs.

However, the advantages of the parking solution outweigh the disadvantages, because you create many parking spaces from little space and thus benefit from an enormously high efficiency.

As for the other advantages, you can solve the parking situation flexibly. The modern double-parking garages from De-PARK are adjustable in height and width, which means you can also accommodate larger vehicles without hesitation.

Apart from the presented conveniences, a double parking lift offers a higher level of protection – especially in comparison with classic systems.

Last but not least, the integration of such parking systems increases the value of the property. It is therefore worth considering the purchase of such a system for many reasons.

What does a double parking lift cost?

The costs of a double parking lift vary and are difficult to quantify as a general rule. One reason for this is the fact that double parkers are not that common.

Furthermore, they are individual solutions and you have to weigh up which type you prefer. Analogue systems, for example, are cheaper than digital or automated double parkers.

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